In December 2010, Paul Hansell lost his life to suicide at the young age of 18

Paul & Brian HansellPaul had a meaningful impact on the lives of everyone around him. Paul’s nature of giving people a hand up is the underlying spirit for the foundation.

Paul attended St. Patrick’s Elementary School and Assumption High School in Burlington, Ontario. He entertained us with his stage presence as a competitive dancer at both Dancers Burlington Inc. and Tiffany’s Dance Elite, and was 1st Runner up Mr. Mini Dance for his tap solo.

Paul’s Interest in Music

At a very young age Paul also demonstrated an interest in music. Much of his spare time was devoted to learning guitar and piano, improving his vocal skills, as well as both composing and publishing music. Click here to listen to Paul’s album, available on itunes.

Paul at Brock University

As a first year accounting Co-op Student at Brock University Paul quickly immersed himself in student life getting involved in business clubs, associations and competitions. The transition from high school and home to university and the dorm seemed to be something with which Paul had success. In fact, in his “give a hand up” nature Paul assisted many of his fellow students with making the transition.

In recognition of the profound impact that Paul had at Brock the Goodman School of Business and Accounting Students Association created an award called the Paul Hansell Competition Award and it is presented each semester to the student that best exemplifies his characteristics.

One of the last songs that Paul composed and recorded is “Can you hear me”. Listen to it here:



Photos of Paul

Paul Hansell
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Jolene And Paul
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