Register a #ConvoPlate and Help Keep the Conversation Going About Youth Mental Health

The #ConvoPlate was created to:

  1. Stimulate conversations and dialogues about Mental Health
  2. Inspire everyone to do something for their own mental health daily
  3. Support proactive youth based mental health programs

As a #ConvoPlate is passed from one person to the next, if able, we encourage donations to mental health organizations, charities or causes. You can support Paul Hansell Foundation by donating here.  Together we can continue to make a difference.

Register your #ConvoPlate so we can track where it’s been!

Check out the #ConvoPlate tracker to see where your plate has come from and where it goes next. And don’t forget to post about your #ConvoPlate on social media so we can keep the mental health conversation going.

STEP ONE: Take a picture of yourself with the plate and post it to social media. Use the hashtag #ConvoPlate and tag @PaulHansellFdn in your post.

STEP TWO: Register your ConvoPlate below. This will allow you and others to track where your plate has gone.

STEP THREE: Keep the Conversation Going by passing the #ConvoPlate along. Have fun with it and be creative! You can find lots of great ideas by searching #ConvoPlate on social media.


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