What is a #ConvoPlate ?

PHF Plate

#ConvoPlate is a hand painted stoneware plates that are circulated around the community to get people talking about mental health. Each one is different and was created by a member of our local community with their own special message and meaning.

Our goal is to help make Mental Health part of our every day conversation. Just like eating right and exercising supports physical health, we all need to take active steps to support our mental health.

Our hope is that the #ConvoPlate inspires people have a conversations about mental health. If we can keep the conversation about mental health going, we can break the stigma and increase the number of youth who access mental health services.

Did you receive a #ConvoPlate?

STEP ONE: Register your plate. Soon you will be able to track where you plate has travelled!

STEP TWO: Post on social media. Take a picture of yourself with the plate and post it on social media using the hashtag #ConvoPlate. Post to Facebook, twitter, or Instagram–Better yet, post to all three! And don’t forget to tag the Paul Hansell Foundation (@PaulHansellFdn) in your post!

STEP THREE: Pass the plate along! Give the plate to a family member or friend and tell them to keep the conversation going by posting about the plate on social media and passing the plate along.

STEP FOUR: Donate! Help us support initiatives aimed at promoting the mental health and wellbeing of youth OR donate to a your local organization supporting youth mental health.

#ConvoPlate SavWant a #ConvoPlate?

Email Brian Hansell (Brian@PaulHansellFoundation.com) to get your own #ConvoPlate and be part to the movement! Plates by the Art Therapy program at the Art Gallery of Burlington, and all proceeds from the sale of #ConvoPlates supports Paul Hansell Foundation Initiatives.