2019: A Year in Review – Part 2


Welcome back, thanks for joining us for Part 2 of our 2019 Year in Review! Here’s a quick little snapshot of what we got up to…


July 19, 2019

I guess you could say this ConvoPlate pass made quite the “splash”! ConvoPlate 915 was the first ever plate to make its way under water thanks to Louisa Drost, who brought it with her on vacation to the Bahamas! That sure is one lucky plate, can’t wait to see its next destination!


August 22, 2019

This was such a special day, as the foundation had the honour of being invited to speak alongside Darryl Mathers of Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences and Oshawa Storm Ringette Association at the Bill Gosling Outsourcing (BGO) headquarters in Newmarket. We could not be more grateful and appreciative to accept BGO’s generous donation of $4,700 to the foundation in support of the mobilization of ConvoPlate. BGO continues to be an incredible supporter, and allows us to continue to do what we do.



September 15, 2019

We had the absolute honour of being able to collaborate with the Halton Police Victim Services Unit for a special ConvoPlate crafting session in September. In addition to each painting their own plate, the team also designed their very own ConvoPlate platter to be displayed within their unit! We are so grateful to have gotten to work with this incredible group of people, who are highly trained to provide immediate support and intervention to individuals who have experienced trauma and crime. To say it is a difficult and emotionally draining job is an understatement, and we are so appreciative of all the work that they do for this community and its mental health. We would like to extend a huge thank you to Colleen Black and Michelle Barclay for helping to organize this session, and all of the lovely staff and volunteers who came out to participate.


October 7, 2019

We all know how important it is to take time every day to do something good for our mental health, whatever that means to you. Unfortunately, many of us get caught up in our busy lives trying to balance work, family, etc. that we prioritize ourselves last. We convince ourselves somehow that self care is selfish, but if we are not taking care of ourselves first, we’re not able to perform our other roles to the best of our ability and we quickly become burnt out. That’s why we started our campaign #ConvoSong, a fun and interactive way for people to participate in their own mental health by encouraging them to vote for the song that they connect with in someway. We started off with 32 songs and now have 8 potential winners after wrapping up Round 2. Polls run Monday/Wednesday/Friday at noon on our social media accounts (@paulhansellfdn) and Round 3 launches next week (2/3/2020)! We can’t wait to see which song wins it all!


October 10, 2019

October 10 is World Mental Health Day, and this past year the foundation had the honour of not only being nominated, but winning the Spirit of Hope Award (group/organization) presented by St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. This award honours people and organizations making impactful contributions in mental health and or addictions, giving new reasons for hope, and we can certainly say we were in good company with the other award winners.


“We all have mental health. We should talk about mental health regularly and do something daily to support and exercise our mental health. This award means very much to us as it helps to keep the conversation going.”

– Brian Hansell, President of Paul Hansell Foundation



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