Brock Paints #ConvoPlates


A group of Brock University students travelled to Burlington yesterday to paint #ConvoPlates for our Foundation. This particular group is from the student club Active Minds which raises mental health awareness on campus and in the community. They were eager to paint and the plates they produced were both imaginative and beautiful!

Though it was a gloomy day, you could not tell while the students were painting. Their passion for mental health and support for the Paul Hansell Foundation shined through in each brushstroke. These plates will provide hope, encouragement, and engage conversation in all those who get the chance to have one passed to them.

#ConvoPlate Painting with Brock studentsSome of the students that came out shared their experiences:

“It was an honour to be a part of the #ConvoPlate initiative, no matter how small the contribution. Plus it was a great way to de-stress.” – Val Jara

“I enjoyed painting the convo plates; it was calming and in a way, it renewed my motivation to take better care of myself. I hope that the conversation about mental health will keep going.” – Hawa Conde

“I’m looking forward to the plates going into circulation. Starting a conversation about mental health can be challenging for some and I’m happy we were able to provide an avenue to keep the conversation going :)” – Aubrey McCann

We thank those in Active Minds who travelled from St. Catharines to Burlington to make a contribution to mental health and the community. We also thank The Art Gallery of Burlington for their continued support and allowing us to use their facilities. We look forward to continuing this movement!

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