#ConvoPlate Honoured During Mental Health Week at The House of Commons

MP Karina Gould, Burlington, introduced the #ConvoPlate in the House of Commons. She talked about the important work that The Paul Hansell Foundation is doing to promote youth mental health. Ms. Gould shared her excitement to be involved in the #ConvoPlate initiative.

Watch the Video from CPAC about #ConvoPlate and Mental Heath Awareness

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3 thoughts on “#ConvoPlate Honoured During Mental Health Week at The House of Commons

  1. Hello Mr. Hansell,

    I read the article about your work for young people with mental health issues. I agree that this is a serious illness that needs more attention from the medical community as well as the public at large.
    My step-nephew killed himself a number of years ago on his 18th birthday. Unfortunately my brother and his mother were on a vacation when this happened and I was the first person contacted to try and find him.
    In 2009 my partner Jean Harris killed herself at the age of 55. She had suffered serious depression for most of her life. Jean was the first person in the world to have deep brain stimulation surgery pioneered by Dr. Helen Mayberg with surgery by Dr. Lozano at the Western Hospital.
    There was not enough support for.
    I would like to do what I can to support your work but would like to know how I can raise awareness for older people like Jean.
    I am living with Leukemia and depression every day. Some days are better than others.

    Thank you for taking time to read this

  2. Legislation needs to be passed to increase the availability of mental health services in Ontario especially for youth.
    There has been no increase in Provincial funding in the past 25 years.

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