Plate Story Series: #ConvoPlate 111


On September 26, 2016, TERRA Garden Centre Waterdown joined forces with the Paul Hansell Foundation to take part in the #ConvoPlate initiative. TERRA was excited to join in on the mental health conversation by designing seven plates, each hand painted with a positive message. 


“I think mental awareness and mental health is really on the forefront. I think people are starting to understand it, they’re talking about it”, said Andrew Pepetone, general manager of TERRA, on the #ConvoPlate initiative. 



Paul Hansell Foundation President Brian Hansell (right) presents Andrew Pepetone, General Manager of TERRA Greenhouses, with #ConvoPlate 111. 





TERRA chose to take the lead on one of the plates, and it has had quite the journey. After taking off in Waterdown, #ConvoPlate 111 has been passed through the hands of several popular television personalities, some of which include chief meteorologist Lyndsay Morrison of CTV News Kitchener, Toronto-based journalist and reporter Liem Vu of Global News, and Cityline’s host Tracy Moore and garden expert Frankie Flowers. 



Lyndsey Morrison accepts #ConvoPlate 111. 



HGTV stars Carson Arthur and Tiffany Pratt also got their hands on the plate, before passing it over to fellow colleague Sarah Keenleyside, co-host of HGTV’s popular home renovation series ‘Backyard Builds’. After a pass through another HGTV home reno star, Sebastian Clovis, who co-hosts ‘Home to Win’, the #ConvoPlate now resides in the hands of the Halton Police. 



In case you missed all of that, #ConvoPlate 111 has travelled approximately 231 miles and across four cities since its initial launch in September of 2016! 




TERRA was so excited to help continue the conversation about mental health that their other greenhouses, located in Burlington, Milton, and Hamilton, chose to take the lead on the remaining six plates they designed! It was so wonderful to see one of the plates, #ConvoPlate 119, travel from Waterdown all the way to Paris, France, and ending up in Nannup, Australia! The TERRA group hopes to get these plates into the hands of those with a large following. Said Pepetone, “For us, it’s about getting it into celebrity hands because it’s the fastest way you’re going to get it moving around and get the initiative going and it’s grassroots.”  


Where will the rest of these plates end up? You’ll have to keep checking the tracker to find out! Visit 

Written by Kayleigh Clapperton

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