#YouAreNotAlone – Vera’s Story

Vera Roncon

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Name: Vera Roncon

Occupation: Clinical Psychologist

City: Toronto


Registered Clinical Psychologist Vera Roncon at Mt Pleasant Therapy Centre has been practicing in the field of mental health for the past 27 years. Her areas of expertise include eating disorders, mood disorders, trauma (PTSD), anxiety and ADHD. If you feel that Vera may be able to help you, you can contact her via:

Email: ronconpsychology@gmail.com 
Tel: 416-488-2838

Note: Vera is currently offering her services through video therapy only until further notice.


Q: What does “mental health” mean to you?

(Vera): Mental health is mental well-being or the absence of mental illness.


Q: Do you feel that currently there is sufficient education and awareness surrounding suicide prevention? Why?

(Vera): I think that we are getting better at decreasing stigma around mental illness and suicide as well, but it’s still something that I feel is generally not discussed. And as for prevention, I’m not sure – the schools are getting better at providing crisis resources through guidance, at least much better than in our days.


Q: What do you feel is the biggest barrier preventing individuals from seeking support for their mental health?

(Vera): Not sure what the biggest barrier is but probably there are a number of barriers such as availability, cost, waiting list and of course psychological barriers like shame and stigma.


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